TEDxTokyo 2010

TEDxTokyo 2010

Deep themes. New memes. Power dreams. TEDxTokyo 2010 was an expansive and inclusive affair that brought extraordinary ideas worth spreading to 300 attendees in both English and Japanese. Our partners helped us expand the TEDx model to ensure that this was an unforgettable event.

Building on our inaugural event 2009, volunteers from Virgin Earth Inc. and Gotcha Media collaborated to provide a live stream of all presentations with simultaneous translation. By the end of the day we had reached over 4,300 unique viewers in 57 countries.

In another first for a TEDx event, we decided to give our global audience a chance to see behind the scenes between sessions. With the generous support of USTREAM, we set up a third live video channel, interviewing speakers, participants and volunteers throughout the day. This proved to be immensely popular, and by the end of the day this channel had seen over 7,700 unique viewers.

A key part of our strategy was to make all talks available on-demand as soon as possible. Thanks to an all-digital workflow pioneered by the volunteer production crew, the generous provision of computers by Tokyo 2.0, and the speed of the post-production team from Virgin Earth, we had the first videos up on YouTube within a few hours of the speakers having left the stage. Total views to date exceed 480,000.


Jake Shimabukuro Musician and Composer
Lara Stein Global TEDx Director, Producer, Performer
Jesper Koll Economist, Global Financial Analyst, Investor
Jin Tatsumura Prize-Winning Filmmaker
Drue Kataoka Sumi-e Artist
Kentaro Toyama Ex-Computer Scientist
Azby Brown Architect, Artist, Author
Jake Shimabukuro Musician and Composer
Noriko Kawamura Concert Violinist and Music Explorer
Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai Professor and Roboticist
Dr. Hiroshi Tasaka Philosopher, Author, Global Thought Leader
Hitoshi Murayama Theoretical Physicist and Director, Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe
Owen Rogers Design Thinker, Branding Artist, Entrepreneur
Hayashiya Imamaru Traditional Vaudevillian and Grand Master of Japanese Paper Cutting
Marco Tempest Techno-Illusionist
Matteo Ceccarini Painter, Illustrator and Comic Artist
Kanae Doi International Legal Expert and Human Rights Advocate
Rome Kanda Actor, Comedian and Producer
Ken Mogi Brain Scientist, Author and Essayist
Jakob Lusensky Musical Branding Thought Leader
Ginger Ana Griep-Ruiz Cirque du Soleil’s ZED
Bob Stilger and Annie Stilger Virnig Global Community Connectors and Developers
Morinosuke Kawaguchi Technology Consultant, Subculture-driven Innovations Expert
Kiyoyuki “Ken” Okuyama Industrial Design Master and Mentor
Hans Reitz Social Business Advocate and Serial Entrepreneur
Naohiko Umewaka Noh Master, Playwright, Theater Director and Scholar