TEDxTokyoSalon Vol.2 – ”Technology’s Human Factor”

TEDxTokyoSalon Vol.2 – ”Technology’s Human Factor”

Starting in 2015 TEDxTokyo will hold a series of salon events called TEDxTokyoSalon. The reasoning behind creating a Salon is to build up a stronger intellectual community and enable people that have “Ideas Worth Spreading” to connect at various locations throughout Tokyo. These Salon style events explore a specific theme for discussion through presentations from live speakers as well as pre-recorded TED Talks.

The second TEDxTokyoSalon is coming on November 25, 2015, with the theme of “Technology’s Human Factor”.  Nowadays, as is evident from the key words such as Deep Learning, AI, Technological Singularity, Big Data, Robotics and IoT,  state-of-the-art scientific technologies are significantly influencing our life as well as the whole society. Our sessions will be focusing on sharing ways of how people connect with technologies, how the innovations can be used to make differences.


Date: 25 November, 2015
Time: 19:00〜22:00 (Door opens at 18:00)
Location: SmartNews, Inc.
Ticket: Free


– All Live Talks will be in Japanese;
– Please note that the event will be filmed and photographed. Any photos taken at the event may be used on the TEDxTokyo website, social media, and other media outlets. Therefore, by sending in an application, you are also consenting to the actions referred to in the statement above;