TEDxTokyo 2011

TEDxTokyo 2011

On May 21st 2011 we held our third annual event, Enter the Unknown, which was bigger and better than ever as we brought together an even wider range of speakers and participants to share ideas and inspiration. In the wake of the devastating March 11th earthquake and subsequent tsunami and radiation crisis in Fukushima, we abruptly altered our focus to explore practical and inventive ways of rebuilding and renewing Japan, and inspiring its people.

Over 300 people joined us at MIraikan, The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, with over 50,000 others tuning in to our bilingual live stream from around the world.

In addition to the talks on stage, participants were able to explore our exhibition space, and enjoy a fantastic range of food and drink – all courtesy of our partners.


MARO Contemporary Juggler / Dancer
Lara Stein Global TEDx Director, Producer, Performer
Garr Reynolds Presentation Guru, Brand Community Expert
Eiji Han Shimizu Documentary Filmmaker and Media Producer
Kaori Brand Online Media Producer and Documentary Filmmaker
Dr. Naoto T. Ueno Oncologist, Researcher, Cancer Survivor
Kathy Matsui Top Japan Financial Strategist and Female Empowerment Leader
Ryutaro Kaneko Japanese Drum Player and Percussionist
Winchester Nini Tete Master Percussionist
Shiroh Tenge Inventor, Medical Pioneer and Business Educator
James Kondo Social Media Advocate and Health Activist
Nana Watanabe Photographer, Author and Social Change Advocate
Dr. Hiroshi Ishii Associate Director of MIT Media Laboratory
Toshi Nakamura Technology Disseminator and Sustainable Life Advocate
Akinori Ito Inventor and Environmental Problem Solver
Magnus Jonsson Applied Research Authority and Climate Change Investigator
Black Professional Yo-Yo Performer
Tetsuya Mizuguchi Master Game Creator and Digital Storyteller
Bill Hall Economist and Business Leader
Carlos Levy Disaster Response Expert and Social Entrepreneur
Kyung Lah Television Journalist and International Correspondent
James Curleigh Green Business Leader, Brand Builder and “Hybrid Life” Advocate
Patrick Chamusso AIDS Activist and Children’s Advocate
Junko Edahiro Environmental Journalist, Sustainability Proponent and Happiness Researcher
SMILY Didgeridoo Master and Beatbox Instrumentalist
Dr. Tetsunari Iida Sustainable Energy Policymaker and Green Power Proponent
Dr. Yuichi Mori Medical-Bio Expert
Masaki Takeuchi General Manager, Project Green Float
Dr Naotaka Fujii Neuroscientist
Sungene Ryang Connector, Entrepreneur and People Mover
Michael Maher King Network Organizer, Fundraiser and Catalyst
Gunter Pauli Expert on Designing Competitive Businesses, Innovation Accelerator, Global Educator
ABC Tokyo Ballet Company International Dance Troupe and Social Activists