Jesper Koll

Economist, Investment Analyst and Professional Braincaster

Jesper Koll calls himself a professional Japan optimist, but that doesn’t prevent him from speaking constructive truths to power. An advisor to a broad spectrum of young-generation politicians and old guard and new-wave CEOs, Jesper is a passionate insider worth listening to: a Diet member’s aide for three years, he’s also been the chief economist at Merrill Lynch Japan, managing director at the Tiger Fund, and chief economist in Tokyo for JP Morgan, where he now heads up research. The author of two books in Japanese, Towards a New Japanese Golden Age and The End of Heisei Deflation, he’s also a regular“braincaster”commentator on NIKKEI-cnbc TV (in Japanese), columnist, and perennially ranked as one of the top Japan strategists in investor surveys. Jesper is currently fascinated by the generational change occurring in Japanese politics as fringe players like the You Party and Ishin no Kai and rogue elements within the established parties make their moves.

Japan's Bright Economic Future