Shibuya – continuously changing, rich in culture

This town has long given birth to new trends and cultures, and we, the Tokyu group, have changed with the town for almost 80 years.

Shibuya is now being re-born, with Shibuya Hikarie standing as a leading project. Over the next few decades new developments will transform the area.
We aim to make Shibuya “the platform for creation and the fountain of new values”.

We believe that by welcoming TEDxTokyo, where “ideas of worth spreading” are shared and forward-looking activities begin, the pace of change will increase.
We want Shibuya to be the town where ideas are challenged.

The Future of Shibuya

  • UG: 将来に向けて、こそっと準備する環境がそろっている街。
  • Eriko: 様々な価値観やスタイルが乱立する街。新しいものを次々と生み出し受け入れて行く包容力のある多様性の交差点。
  • Ajiro Muse: 新しいものと古くからある良いものが融け合って、人を惹きつける街。訪れる度に、何か面白いことが見つかるワンダーランド
  • Anders: An architecturally rich area.
  • psty: 多様な価値が交差し、認め合い、コラボレーションが生まれる街。
  • Tazlu: はぐれものたちを許容し、新しい時代をつくる反主流派の水源地。
  • Patrick: Would like to see the development urban gardening / urban farms especially with roof top gardens on top of high rise buildings
  • トム: More open, green, collaborative meeting spaces. Better use of rooftop space leading to a vertical playground.
  • Sandra: Bring back the gondola!
  • Amelia: A town that excites people!

Will you create a new Shibuya with us?

What sort of town do you want Shibuya to be?

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