Creating environments where corporations make innovation happen

In today’s rapidly changing social and economic landscape, our values are undergoing a huge paradigm shift. Individuals as well as corporations are in search of disruptive business models and work styles of their own. KOKUYO has been researching where and how people work, but now we think our focus has to shift to creating an environment focused on people, teams and organizations. That’s why we launched WORKSIGHT LAB in 2012, a research organization with a focus on creating environments where the next generation can work and learn.

WORKSIGHT LAB is a unique entity within KOKUYO Group. It is comprised of researchers, designers, consultants and cross-disciplinary members collaborating in four areas: research, media, community, and prototyping. This cross collaboration will deliver new “workstyle” concepts and models. In the next several years, WORKSIGHT LAB will focus on creating environments where corporations can make innovation happen. By creating a community of key persons who are driven to turn their organizations into value-creating entities, WORKSIGHT LAB will provide experiential knowledge and help guide participants toward solutions.

Forming the core of these initiatives is WORKSIGHT, themed around workstyle and workspace. A bi-annually published book and collection of online media consists of articles based on interviews done on trips to offices around the world, it covering the work style at each site and investigates both the hard and soft infrastructure that supports each work style in each environment.

The work also takes a wide view of the working and learning styles of the next generation. We conduct interviews with experts in the field, and we ask front-runners to describe their work ethics.

In the Research section, we conduct fixed-point observation and awareness surveys at offices. In the Prototyping section, we validate the next-generation workspaces developed from our research activities. The creative lounge MOV in Shibuya Hikarie that opened in April 2012 is a co-working space that was inspired by asking what kind of environments and systems are required for innovation, especially in the current climate in which it is extremely rare for a single company to bring about innovation.

In addition, we created Catalyst BA in Futakotamagawa and Open Source Studio KREI in Nishi-Azabu, both in an attempt to break down organizational silos and help make innovation happen.

In this way, from research to implementation, WORKSIGHT LAB is always interested in openly collaborating with external stakeholders and partners to expanding its scope of activities. We are not just a think-tank that presents several dry options to pick from. We have an action-oriented stance that, we think, resembles that of TEDxTokyo.

In our fickle modern time, where individuals’ work- and lifestyle values change constantly, corporations face the problem of deciding what kind of workstyle to support, and figuring out how to create appropriate environments accordingly. We are determined to tackle this problem.

The WORKSIGHT LAB community is comprised of key persons who want to make changes in corporations or educational institutions by proposing new working and learning styles. We also embrace those who want to study value-creating working and learning styles, and all who want to leverage improved working and learning environments for a better future.

Members with different backgrounds join together in study groups or workshops, leveraging knowledge stored at our LAB. Our LAB community’s ideology overlaps with TEDxTokyo’s celebration of “ideas worth spreading.”

We are looking forward to sharing with you, in a spirit of “Igniting Curiosity”, new discoveries and ideas through TEDxTokyo 2015, as we proudly join forces as a partner.