Recruit Holdings

Recruit Holdings

In October 2012, the new Recruit logo was created.

This logo encapsulates our thoughts in establishing a bridge and encouraging everyone to “Follow Your Heart” and conveys the “Meet Your Opportunity” message to society.
The “Opportunity Bridge” used as the logo’s motif embraces our wish to connect “people” and “opportunities”, “present” and “future”, “here” and “world”.

Recruit website and advertisements often use rainbow color. Each person has a personal color of his/her own, however, the color changes at different phases of life, and the personal color comprises of varied shades. In an attempt to express such diverseness of human life, and in a wish to provide service responding to each personal needs, we selected the rainbow to embellish our logo.

Logo at the end of our TV advertisement also has a rainbow. Seven colors merges into a single blue line, which becomes our blue bridge of opportunity. Each color represents various wishes, feelings, and dreams. Then, the “clap” at the end of the ad, if you noticed, that sound is you and Recruit “high fiving”. It expresses Recruit’s wish to high-five with you when your dreams come true.

Through creation of new values, we, to meet expectations from our society, strive to realize enriched world where every person shines with hope and joy. That leads to our mission statement, “Follow Your Heart”. Material richness does not mean true richness. Recruit wants to realize an affluent world where each individual can choose his/her own life and lifestyle, where you can follow your heart. We want to be there for you.

This world is filled with worlds and possibilities as yet unseen. Convinced of the potential of each individual, Recruit would like to help you with opportunities in and around a new life, with an affluent and fun time, hope and meeting people and peers. In such wish, we have been supporting TEDxTokyo as a partner company. This year’s theme, “Igniting Curiosity”, overlaps with our message ”Meet Your Opportunity”. Recruit wants to expand your opportunities for new encounter, with TEDxTokyo.