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Giving up old ways of thinking isn’t easy.

We need a motive to free ourselves from ingrained patterns of thinking and to cultivate new ideas. Visit Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s Human Resource Development Institute in Tokushima, for example, and you’ll find several giant tomato ‘trees’ in the entrance hall heavy with fruit. Look at their roots, however, and you’ll find no soil, because these plants are cultivated hydroponically—using just water, oxygen, fertilizer and sunlight—and without any genetic modifications. Otsuka Pharmaceutical sees these giant tomato plants as a symbol of its way of thinking: Free yourself from norms and be creative in your approach to development, and you’ll unlock your unlimited potential.

People are the energy making the company run; people do the thinking

Otsuka’s company philosophy – “Otsuka – people creating new products for better health worldwide”—is fundamental to everything we do, and the key to creating fresh possibilities. Even in an era when technology is advancing at a staggering pace and supercomputers are capable of carrying out millions of calculations in a split second, we still devise every Otsuka product by human hands under the mantra of “JISSHO” (Proof through Execution) and “SOZOSEI” (Creativity). Although human creations can be difficult to manage, they often provide new perspectives, which then become keys to the new creativity.

Always striving to take the road less traveled.

As a TEDxTokyo partner, Otsuka Pharmaceutical supports the idea that questioning common sense can change paradigms, and we are sure that our collaboration will continue to encourage the growth of new creativity. Always stay original, be curious, and search for change—TEDxTokyo is full of people who hold these beliefs, and we are excited to be a part of this movement sharing ideas worth spreading with the world.

Otsuka Stories

Otsuka believes that wellness is a universal wish the world over, and we would like to introduce an original hand-drawn animation that tells the story of Otsuka’s contribution to people’s health worldwide. These animated stories were produced in collaboration with members of the TEDxTokyo team.

Chapter 1 The big venture company

Chapter 2 Globalization

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Otsuka provided POCARI SWEAT ION WATER and SOYJOY at TEDxTokyo 2015.

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