Turning Ideas Into Shape

SOLIZE continues to innovate the process of product development in manufacturing. The company focuses on three engineering areas of expertise; Design Engineering, RP & Tooling Engineering and Innovation Engineering.

Design Engineering is the creation of three-dimensional data to run analysis and product design.
RP & Tooling Engineering is the creation of prototypes with the use of rapid prototyping and metal molding. Innovation Engineering is the process of bringing innovation to life to create value in people’s ideas and structure system in organization.


All three of these areas of expertise share a common theme – to use technology to turn ideas into shape.

By bringing life to new concepts and functionalities with sophisticated 3D data, by transforming rough sketches into real products that you can touch, and by sharing specialist knowledge on product development, SOLIZE helps to nurture your idea to help you realize it’s potential.

Ideas Worth Spreading
We support TEDxTokyo with confidence that it will lead to the improvement of society by turning valuable ideas into shape.