楽しいから安心 安全だと楽しい


Up close and personal technology


The automatic operating robot supports the hands of doctors during precision surgery to reduce tremors and fatigue. The automatic operating robot is placed so that it can sense and follow the actions of the surgeons’ hands. This robot was made to increase stability during surgical procedures, especially during long surgeries.


楽しいから安心 安全だと楽しい

Fun safety and safe fun

Communication Robot

The Small robot supports safe driving by providing information about driving conditions and other information chosen by the user. Also, it prevents careless driving by acting as a conversation partner for the driver. We make driving safe and fun by allowing you to communicate with your car.



Design from elements perspective


This product was developed to simplify mobility by adding the option of an in-Wheel Motor unit. The in-wheel motor unit uses integrated controls to sense the user’s information, and allows the user to steer easily using a smartphone. With the in-wheel motor, the user’s own ideas can create a new mobility.


Transforming ideas into action

As technology continues to develop, collaboration and crowdfunding are increasingly popular.

Instead of, “What can we do?” now the question is, “What do we want to do?”

We each have ideas that can change society and spread joy.

One’s thinking changes the society and makes happiness.

Let’s seize the day!