Kazumi Murose

Lacquer (Urushi) Artist and National Living Treasure

In 2008, lacquer artist and Living National Treasure Kazumi Murose began to focus on preserving intangibly important Japanese culture and heritage through the preservation of National Treasures. He had been crafting his own intricate works since graduating from the Graduate School of Fine Arts and Music at Tokyo University of the Arts, including Enable in Kotohira Shrine’s main hall and the Yutenji Auditorium mural entitled Lacquer Cherry Trees. Kazumi produces pieces for traditional Japanese craft exhibitions and participates in countless exhibitions both at home and abroad, including one at the British Museum in 2002 called “The Culture of Lacquer—Japanese Beauty Inherited” that was later captured in a volume by publisher Kadokawa Shoten. In his work and blog, Kazumi conveys the timeless value of lacquerware that persists even in the twenty-first century. He encourages people to preach the beauties of traditional lacquerware, produced since the early Jomon period.

Urushi and Japanese Culture