Tsunehiro Uno

Critic and Author

If politics and the economy are the world’s day, then the Internet and its subculture are its night. In the latest issue of Planets Critic Magazine, pundit Tsunehiro Uno rewrites the relationship between politics and literature, equating society and the individual with day and night in a ringing declaration. Planets began publishing in 2005. From subcultures to politics, Tsunehiro has discussed various topics with the people of the times. He has also written several books, The Imagination of the 2000s, (Hasegawa Shoten), The Age of the Little People (Gentosha), Theory of Hope (coauthored by Satoshi Hamano; NHK Publishing), and I Want to Create This Kind of Japan (with Shigeru Ishiba; Ota Publishing). Currently he is writing an in-depth analysis of food, culture, life, clothing and shelter titled The New White-Collar Class.

The new relationship between geography and culture