Eisuke Tachikawa

Designer and Crowdsourcer

Eisuke Tachikawa launched his Wiki web project OLIVE just forty hours after the Great East Japan Earthquake struck. The crowdsourcing database gathered and shared DIY tips and tutorials from all over the planet to aid the disaster’s survivors. The info was later published as the OLIVE Handbook.

This altruistic activity should come as no surprise: While at graduate school at Keio University in 2006, Eisuke started his interdisciplinary design agency NOSIGNER, whose avowed purpose is to identify and solve problems. NOSIGNER has received scores of international design prizes, including a Platinum Pentaward in 2009, a Design for Asia Award in 2011, and a Smart Design Award in 2012.

Eisuke himself was named one of the fifty top designers in the ADC’s Young Guns competition in 2009. Through his Grammar of Design workshop, he hopes to create a future in which everyone can design.

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