Rei Shito

Street Photographer and Style Blogger

What you can get from the photos Rei Shito takes on the streets of Tokyo are glimpses into the lives and mindsets of impromptu models on the move articulated through their attire. Rei posts the stunning shots that she grabs of Tokyo fashion on her blog, disseminating highly visual clues on style trends current and nascent.

The renowned style website Fashionista has recognized Rei as one of the world’s most influential bloggers in the realm of street style. Her photography book STYLE from TOKYO offers shots from her blog, and she’s also written a unique city guidebook called Tokyo 100 Fashion Guide. Both have received a great response from Japan and overseas, proving that fashion is a borderless phenomenon that can be shared with anyone on the globe. When she isn’t shooting, Rei acts as an on-air navigator for radio station J-WAVE.

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