Mistubako Matsuo

Improvisational Artist, Poet and Storyteller

Mistubako Matsuo inhabits an utterly poetic world humming with the mysteries of the honeybee. Fieldwork and frequent visits to local beekeepers across Japan in 1994 led her to learn beekepping and the habits of honeybees. Mistubako began crafting poems and photography influenced by honeybees and giving poetry readings and storytelling performances. In 2006, she founded Studio Abejas e Colmenas and expanded her bee-centric collaborations with painters and architects. One ongoing project is improvisational poetry produced with a combination of pollen, flower petals, seeds and words. Dreaming of someone becoming a “beekeeping poet,” Mistubako confers constantly with beekeepers all over the planet that still produce traditional organic honey.

Honeybees' Lives