Kumi Fujisawa

Think Tank Driver, Entrepreneur and Author

Kumi Fujisawa is convinced that we can transform the world when we think, vocalize and act at the grassroots level. Getting people to realize the worth of a participatory society is her mission, and she’s a living example of how it’s done. Kumi worked for Japanese and foreign investment fund management companies before leaving to launch Japan’s first investment trust trading company in 1996.

In 2000, she was instrumental in establishing the SophiaBank think tank, and has served as its vice president since 2003. As a broadcaster for NHK Education, she has presented the stories of over a thousand companies, and her books on investment and startup businesses are now widely translated and published abroad. A visiting professor at the graduate school of Hosei University, she is also a vice president of the Japan Social Entrepreneur Forum.

Kumi’s “socio-incubation” efforts aim to support social business enterprises by linking mass media and online media.

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